Riptide™ High Througput
Rapid Library Prep (HT-RLP)

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Riptide is an ultra high throughput multiplex library construction for small genomes, plasmids and gene constructs. Each kit contains all necessary reagents to go from DNA samples to sequencer-ready libraries for up to 960 samples.

With iGenomX HT-RLP technology, DNA templates in a 96 well plate are barcoded through a primer extension reaction. Molecule lengths are controlled through termination with a small ratio of biotinylated ddNTPs. The use of the biotinylated ddNTPs eliminates the need for fragmentation, end repair and ligation. Products from all 96 wells are pooled without normalization prior to capture on magnetic beads. A second primer extension reaction converts the captured molecules into NGS libraries which are then PCR amplified to produce full length library products. Final size selection is performed using a bead based selection tunable to maximize data yield based on sequencer read lengths. Optional plate based barcoding during the PCR step allow for multiple plates to be loaded on the same flow cell. The kit contains all reagents necessary to go from DNA to sequencer ready libraries for up to 960 samples in a single work day. Learn more about the Riptide HT-RLP workflow

Riptide HT-RLP Resources

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Riptide High Throughput Rapid Library Prep

Key benefits

  • High throughput: Each kit produces up to
    960 samples per day
  • Simple workflow: 5 pipette steps per sample
    (no fragmentation, repair or ligation)
  • High quality data: Tunable to diverse GC content
  • Low cost: Introductory pricing available for a limited time

Recommended applications:

  • Microbiome screening
  • Microbial whole genome sequencing
  • Quality Control of Synthetic Constructs (plasmids, gene constructs)
  • Genotyping by Sequencing