Next-Gen Genotyping

Access 10x the markers at a tenth of the cost!

More Markers

Access 10X the number of variant calls/sample

More Samples

Enjoy higher throughput and process more samples/week

More Discovery

Do more with less and enjoy greater statistical power for discovery



“RIPTIDE enabled Genotyping is a significant advancement over microarrays. The approach provides a greater density of genomic markers throughout the genome at a significantly reduced cost.”

- Ali Torkamani, Scripps

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“With RIPTIDE, our novel analysis pipeline enables unmatched marker density and precision. Hundreds of thousands of informative markers are offered at a breakthrough price”

- NRGene

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“With RIPTIDE we were able to discover a statistically significant genetic association to Westie Lung Disease - a canine model for human IPF - that was missed with microarray technology.”

- Matt Huentelman, TGen

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