Strand Specific RNA Sequencing

RNA sequencing is intended to identify and quantify the relative abundance of active transcription. Both sense and anti sense transcription occurs in human cells. Researchers are interested in the biological impact of strand specific sequencing. Because it is a quantitative application, maintaining the biological integrity of the sample is essential. iGenomX minimizes the processing steps involved while directly measuring strand specific RNA transcription.

200ng total human brain RNA was treated for ribosomal RNA removal and whole transcript sequencing was compared between iGenomX and New England Biotech strand specific sequencing.

Workflow comparison

Figure 1: Comparison of igenomX strand specific RNA sequencing with NEB Ultra Directional RNA sequencing kit.

Table 1: RNA sequencing comparison. 

RNA sequencing comparison

Normalized coverage across samples

Figure 2: Normalized coverage across full length transcripts for six samples. Three technical replicates for each method were assessed.